Let me get a closer look. Coaching is about strengthening people and processes in work environments. Finding potentials where before unseen and eradicating patterns that are counterproductive. I want to focus on

  • The team
  • Setup and technologies
  • Workflow

I work solely on donation basis, in order to counter any trend towards commercialization of this particular aspect of my work. I fully trust that anyone I work with will see the difference made and wish to remunerate my job. Whatever that means to them, I trust it’s right and fair.

Since this work is much about trust and chemistry, I ask you to fill out an application so that I can get to know you better before choosing to work together.

My style is a mixture inspired by the following methods and disciplines: Scrum, Psychology of Communication (Paul Watzlawick, Schulz von Thun, Vera Felicitas Birkenbihl), Psychology of Leadership, Mediation, Large Group Moderation (Open Space, World­ Café), Diversity for Leadership Positions and Improvisation Theater.

You need a coach? Let me know how I can help HERE.